Monday, July 7, 2008

Water Keep

Far World Book 1

by J. Scott Savage

Marcus and Kyja have been outcasts their entire lives. The left side of Marcus' body was badly injured in some sort of accident long before he can remember, and he never even knew his parents. He's been moved from foster home to foster home, and eventually to different boarding schools. Even with everything going against him, Marcus has a generally positive view of life, and often finds himself dreaming of Far World - a place where he belongs because he created it.

Kyja lives in a world full of magic and where everyone can perform magic. Except her. Even after years of "training" with a great wizard, she can't do even the smallest bit of magic. As a result she is constantly teased, and some mothers even prevent their children from playing with her in case she rubs off on them. Despite all that, Kyja is a sweet girl who is willing do just about anything to help someone in need, including sacrificing herself.

When a series of events catapults these two together, they become quick friends because they complement each other so well. When they find out they need to get the four groups of elementals (water, fire, land and air) to work together - a feat that has never been accomplished - they set out on a journey every thinks is doomed to fail. Chased by various evil villains, and bouncing between Earth and Far World, will Kyja and Marcus be able to make it to the Water Elementals in time? And even if they do make it, will the Elementals even bother to help?

This is the first in a five book series, and it was a pretty good start. For the most part the book is quick paced and enjoyable. I thought both main characters were fairly well developed. - I especially liked Kyja. She easily could have come off as a "goody two-shoes", but she didn't. Her initial jealousy of Marcus really helped prevent it, but in general, her love of people was sweet and felt natural/real.

There is also a good set of supporting characters. The wizard, Master Therapass, was a nice, funny and caring teacher, who left Kyja and Marcus alone enough that they had to find their own strengths. And the Skyte, Riff Raff (whose name I love), was hilarious. The villains, particularly the Bonesplinter, are fascinating. It appears there is a lot more to Bonesplinter than just being the bad guy, and I am excited to learn more about him.

And, don't you just love the cover of this book? It's one of my favorite book covers - possibly ever. There is something about it that makes me want to know who/what these people are. My little brother, who is not a big reader, was really impressed and actually asked about the book based on the cover.

4 out of 5 stars

**And stay tuned. Later this week, I'll have an interview with J. Scott Savage and an opportunity for you to win a copy of the Water Keep ARC! **


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Sounds great. How do we contact you to offer you other LDS-related books for review?

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Very good review! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights!

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