Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who do you love the most?

Don't you just love when you "fall in love" with a character in a book?

It might be your knight in shining armor: my roommates from college would all love to meet and marry a real-life Mr. Darcy. Most of the members of my bookclub think that Edward Cullen walks on water (though there was one vote for Jacob in the mix). When I was younger (probably early middle school), I had a huge crush on Frank Hardy; I thought he was amazing.

Or someone that you would just really like to be friends with: my little brother desperately wants to be Harry Potter's best friend; my husband would love to hang out with Bartimaeus from Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus trilogy; and I wouldn't mind spending an afternoon with the Weasley twins or having a friend like Leslie Burke (though preferably one that didn't die).

Possibly it's someone you wish you were like: I would love to be Meggie from Inkheart. She is brave, clever and smart. Plus, she has a dad who can read characters out of books! I wouldn't mind being Meggie's aunt Elinor either. She is a cranky old coot with piles and piles of books. How fabulous. I think if I had read A Crooked Kind of Perfect when I was younger, I would have wanted to play the piano and have the quirky life (and the sense of humor) that Zoe has. My husband would love to be an evil genius like Artemis Fowl or a smooth talking thief like David Eddings' Silk.

Or maybe it's someone you wish to meet to see if they really are as horrible as they are described: I wouldn't mind meeting Snape to see if he really has greasy hair. Maybe he just woke up late one day and didn't shower. While he would have had yucky hair that day, it doesn't mean it was true all of the time. Maybe the poor guy just had a bad day.

Some characters just seem to have a realistic feel to them, a character that draws you to them, and you continue reading in hopes of getting to know them better.

Movies do horrible things to this little love affair though. I conjure up distinct images in my mind and they simply can't be met by most actors. I was thoroughly disappointed with the way that Sirius Black looked in the movies - he simply wasn't the dashing fellow that I pictured. And, I know my friends are really picturing Colin Firth when they talk about Mr. Darcy. Oh well, everyone knows the books are always better.

So, who are some of your favorite characters? Is there anyone you would like to meet in real life if you could?

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Chain Reader said...

I didn't like Sirius Black in the movies either, but I was pretty happy with everyone else. And I can't help but picture the actors as a read the books now. I guess really I pictured Hermione as having much bigger hair and worse teeth! I fell in love with Will Ladislaw of Middlemarch, and I have to admit I loved Edward of Twilight, but still think she'll end up with Jacob. And Stephen of I Capture the Castle. I would like to be friends with Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables and Jane Eyre. And I feel for Snape, despite is horrible hair, but I would give him the love he never got from anyone in his fictitious life!