Monday, May 25, 2009


by Laurie Halse Anderson

I've been sitting on this review for a few weeks now, trying to put into words what I think about this book. It appealed to me in a very real way - I think because it is kind of the story of every teen. Trying to discover who you are with all the conflicting people around you telling you who you should be. To me, it wasn't a story about a girl with anorexia (though that is a major part of the story), Wintergirls is a story of someone trying to find herself.

I found Lia likeable, and while the sub-plot of Cassie's ghost was a bit strange, I felt like it worked for the story.

I also liked how Anderson used text size, etc to convey emotion. I've read a couple of reviews that felt this was gimmacky and it is, but I felt like it worked.

In some ways (mostly the heavy topics) this is not an easy read, but I found myself flying through it. Highly recommended.


Laura H said...

I've seen this reviewed a couple of times and it still does not interest me at all.

melissa said...

I'm a little wary of reading it myself, but I think I will break down eventually. Anderson is just too good to miss.

KT said...

Laura - Don't fret. There are some topics that don't interest me (or I know would upset me to much to read), so no matter how much praise they get I avoid them.

Melissa - I was a bit wary of this one too, but I really did enjoy it. I've only read two by Anderson but they were both fantastic.