Thursday, May 21, 2009


by Wendelin Van Draanen

Told in alternating view points, Flipped is the story of Bryce and Juli. Bryce is just a normal boy who wants his crazy across-the-street neighbor, Juli, to leave him alone. Juli has known since day one that Bryce would be her first kiss and has sought diligently for it ever since. Not that Juli doesn't have other interests as well - trees, chickens, family. Bryce just kind of takes the cake.

I thought this book was very sweet. I wasn't sure how I would like the same story told twice (from two different perspectives), but it worked well. Bryce and Juli's voices were very distinct and it didn't really feel like the same story.

I picked Flipped up because of a glowing review (but I can't remember by who!). Otherwise, I never would have picked it up. The cover just did nothing for me. It's a bit ironic because one of the overriding themes of the story seemed to be not judging based on the outside appearance.

I loved Juli to death, and while Bryce didn't do much for me in the beginning, he grew on me.

I read most of flipped sitting at the beach, and it made a perfect beach read: light and fluffy, though it certainly had enough oomph to keep me turning the pages.

Definitely recommended for those looking for a not quite conventional YA romance.


Laura H said...

Looks good. I just requested from the library. Kt, Have you read Hunger games yet? I cant remember if you did?

KT said...

Laura - I hope you'll like it. I haven't read Hunger Games. I know everyone loves it, but I think at this point I'll go ahead and at least wait until the sequel is out in Sept.

Jeff, Vicky and Kira said...

I picked this up based on your recommendation - definitely an interesting read - it was nice to see him "grow up" and realize what he was doing. Thanks!

KT said...

Vicky - Welcome! and, I'm so glad you liked it.

Laura H said...

I forgot to come back and say how much I liked this book. I hope this author has more stuff. Thanks for the recommend.

KT said...

Laura - I'm glad you liked it. The author actually has a fair number of other books out. I've only read her Sammy Keyes books (middle grade mysteries), but I really enjoy them.