Tuesday, February 26, 2008


by Neil Gaiman

Stardust is the story of Tristan, who ventures beyond the wall in an attempt to win his true love. It just so happens that the other side of the wall isn't England anymore - it's a whole new world called Faerie which is full of magic and mythical creatures. It has everything a good story has: a good dose of pretend, action, adventure, and a bit of romance thrown in for good measure.

This is definitely an adult story. There are some adult situations and language. Not a lot of either, but enough that I wouldn't be comfortable sharing with my youngish teenage sisters.

Other than the few scenes that made me squirm, I really enjoyed the story. The use of magic and pretend throughout is enjoyable, and the characters are fun. Mr. Gaiman is definitely creative.

Now it's time for a confession. I actually liked the movie adaptation better than the book. For one, it was cleaner. I didn't blush once. There is something hinted at, but you don't see or hear anything that made me uncomfortable. Besides that, I thought the flow of the movie was better than the book. I missed the hairy little man (did he ever get a name?) in the movie, but enjoyed how much more time (at least that we saw) that Tristan and Yvaine spent on the flying ship. The dance and fencing lessons were fun, and it was enjoyable to watch their feelings for each other change. I didn't necessarily appreciate the fact that the pirate in the movie was a "whoopsie," but I found it more funny than uncomfortable.

I didn't like how the witches were dealt with in the movie. The fight scene was a bit long, and kind of silly. I liked that in the book Yvaine's heart had already been given away, so she was of no use to the witch anyway. It made it a bit less violent, but was still a believable resolution.

Overall, Stardust is a fun story with some adult situations. The movie is a great story minus the uncomfortable situations. I enjoyed both.

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