Monday, June 8, 2009

Twilight in Forks

Except it was more like 10:00 in the morning.

On a recent camping trip my husband and I drove through Forks, WA. Home of Twilight.

Every gas station beginning about 20 miles outside of Forks (granted, there were only like 3) had a sign saying something along the lines of: "Entering the Twilight Zone"

Eventually we made it to Forks.

All of the hotels/motels and several of the stores on the main street (also known as the only street we drove on) had signs referring to the Twilight series:

"Bella Shops Here!"
"Edward didn't sleep here"
"Vampires Welcome!"

We made a quick bathroom stop at the Chamber of Commerce.

Sitting outside of the Chamber of Commerce is Bella's truck.

If you look closely through the front windshield (I think you can click to enlarge) you'll notice that there's a bullet hole through the back windshield. Did that happen in the first book? I don't remember her being shot at, but it's been awhile since I read it.

While we were inside the building, a school bus full of Asian tourists pulled up for pictures. Then quickly drove off.

The lady doing inside the Chamber of Commerce asked if we were "Twihards" Even if I was a big Twilight fan, I would not call myself a "Twihard." What a terrible term!

We weren't really there for the Twilight tour - it was more a matter of getting to our destination. But, we did take a minute to drive by the high school:

We also picked up a brochure that marks all of the significant Twilight locations in Forks (the high school, the hospital, the store where Bella works, etc.). The best part of the brochure was most definitely the advertisements though:
  • Eat at Pacific Pizza where they serve: Bellasagna which comes with Edbread and Swan Salad (love at first bite!!!!). Bella & Edward's Wedding Soup also served weekly!!
    Note: I used the same number of exclamations used in the add
  • Shop at Odyssey Bookshop: Preferred by 73% of Vampires and 68% of Shape-Shifters (from an in-house poll)
We laughed for quite a while over Edbread. That sounds so wrong.

In all, it was a fairly enjoyable stop. I can't really believe people go to Forks simply for the Twilight tour, but it was a nice 20 minute rest stop on our way to the rain forest.

On a side note. We spent some time in Port Angeles too, and while it wasn't nearly as Twilight crazed, we saw several stores mentioning Twilight. One was even called "Dazzled by Twilight"


Anonymous said...

That's GREAT! LOL!!! Any way to make a buck, huh!?


Laura H said...

KT, I sent an email to some of my friends who are definitely Twihards, to check out your blog.

I would call myself an AntiBellaite.

Susan said...

What a fun post. Gotta love the commercialization! Sounds like some of it's really clever, though. Next time I'm up that way, I'll have to check it out.

KT said...

Aprill - it was all pretty funny.

Laura - I would have to say I am an Anti-Bellaite too. What a funny term :)

Susan - It's actually fairly clever, and it's working! The county in which Forks resides is the only county in the entire state where tourism hasn't dropped. That's pretty impressive for a town of 3,000!