Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Most Favorite Books: Moo Baa La La La

by Sandra Boynton

This silly board book takes you through several animals and what they say. The very first page is a picture of a cow, and reads "A cow says moo." and each subsequent page lists animals and their sounds. The best part (and most fun to read aloud) is the line "And 3 little pigs say la la la!" Later, we are informed that pigs actually say "oink all day and night."

I don't really know how to review this book because there really isn't a lot to review. The pictures are very simple and the text is short and to the point. Perfect for babies, which is why it is one of my favorite books to give at baby showers (the other is Blue Shirt, Green Shirt also by Sandra Boynton - she's one of my favorite picture book authors).

I did read a funny review on Amazon that said something like she wished Sandra Boynton hadn't said that pigs say "la la la" because now her son is at the play ground playing with pigs and he always says "la la la" while the other kids say "oink" or snort, and all the mothers look at her funny. I have no idea how this could be true (it is clarified that pigs say oink afterall), but I think it's hilarious!

I highly recommend this book for all new mothers (and their children).

* Laura H - I know you want me to do The Book Thief, and I will. soon. hopefully. I am waiting for a friend to return my copy first!


Kirsten said...

We like this book too. Mason has fun saying the animal sounds (including the la, la, la). And Mason knows that pigs say oink.

Laura H said...

Kt. No rush of The book Thief I'm only on CD 6 and I think theres 12. I can only listen at the gym or if I'm alone in the car.(that doesnt happen much.)

The whole reason I asked about it is because I thought you or someone else blog had recommend The Time travelers wife. I read it a couple of weeks ago. And it had lots of sex, swearing etc etc. So some blog out there recommended it and I was trying to figure out who????

KT said...

Laura -

I've never read Time Travelers wife, so it wasn't me. Sorry it didn't work out for you though. I hate lots of swearing (especially the big kind) and sex.

There isn't any sex in Book Thief. There is swearing though. And while most of it is in German, the author does tell you what it means. I've found that it's harder for me to ignore swearing for books on tape than in print, but hopefully it won't become too much of an issue for you...