Wednesday, April 23, 2008

blog maintenance

I decided I wanted some way of rating the books I read. So, I will start adding how many stars out of 5 I think the book deserves. The stars mean:

1 star = horrible. don't bother. I might not have even finished it.
2 stars = I didn't like it. It wasn't horrible, but I probably wouldn't recommend it, and would never read again.
3 stars = it was ok. Not the best, not the worst. I might recommend it to people.
3.5 stars = better than ok, but still not great.
4 stars = I liked it. It is one that I would recommend.
4.5 stars = I really liked it. There might have been one or two flaws, but overall it was fabulous.
5 stars = loved it. I probably own it (or want to badly) and would always recommend.

The system isn't great, but I feel like it will help organize my thought processes a bit more. I tend to use the same descriptions for all books and maybe the stars will help? I don't's still a work in progress.

In other news,

I mentioned on a previous post that I will be moving in May. In the last week or so everything is starting to come to a head. For example, I am training someone at work, so I don't have the long hours of computer time that I used to have. Then, I come home and proof-read my husband's thesis, which requires his use of the computer. Both very much limit my computer time. Currently, I am home sick with a migraine (I'm feeling much better now), and that is the only reason I even have time for blogging today.

On top of the lack of computer time, I am also trying to find a new apartment, pack, and generally organize my house. Oh how I loathe moving!

So, basically, the point of this post is to apologize for the lack of posting, and assure anyone who reads this that I will be back, and that I have been reading (when I can), so there will be more reviews in the future. Maybe even another one tonight...

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